eucalyptus + basil
eucalyptus + basil
eucalyptus + basil

eucalyptus + basil

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this soap is all natural from its scents to its colors. A delightful earthy scent of eucalyptus and basil embodies this soap bar. Both of these scents were blended together to help maximize relaxation, and decreased stress + anxiety. Spirulina + french green clay adds color to its half circles while kaolin clay adds a creamy color to the base of the soap.

This soap is vegan, made without palm oil + cruelty free.

Why these essential oils?

Basil: is said to help reduce stress and anxiety,  brighten up skin tone, prevent skin breakouts, and shrink pores.

Eucalyptus is known as for its strong antifungal + antibacterial properties. Eucalyptus oil is a good remedy for fighting acne, skin fungus and aids in would care.

Ingredientssaponified coconut oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, basil + eucalyptus essential oil, spirulina powder + french green clay powder

About This Soap
My Wild Muse soaps are plant based, low waste and made with earthy ingredients. All soaps are packaged naked, meaning they are packaged WITHOUT a plastic film wrap, they are simply placed inside a recyled kraft bag with our logo stamped on the front. We are proudly cruelty free. Vegan + palm-free soaps are also available.

To enjoy a long-lasting bar of soap make sure to let your soap dry out between uses. Don’t let it sit in water and try to keep it away from shower spray.

DISCLAIMER: This product does not claim to treat or cure any medical condition and should be used for cosmetic purposes only.