baby converse
baby converse

baby converse

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soft soles for the soft souls!

these baby converse are for little ones size 0-3M

they are in great condition and ready to be worn by another little babe.


The Thrifting + Slow Fashion Impact

Environmental Impact

Every new item of clothing is produced, and the process of making clothes is costly to the environment. 
Every second-hand item of clothing purchased means less pollution, less water being used to make it, less pesticides in the air (used for cotton and linen) and less energy consuming synthetic fibers being made with petroleum (like polyester).

Personal Impact

Thrifting is inexpensive + it gives you the opportunity to be more unique and creative, not just with clothing but with house furnishings too.

Other ways to avoid fast fashion:

  • accepting hand me downs from friends for you and your littles
  • trading items with friends (make it a get together; invite others to the trade off and add snacks and drinks)
  • taking care of the clothes you ALREADY HAVE