sustainable beeswax (one pound)

sustainable beeswax (one pound)

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This listing is for one pound (16 oz) of clean + sustainable beeswax in half ounce block form.

These beeswax blocks are cleaned and ready to be used in all your DIY project.

You will be happy to hear that the beeswax used to make these blocks come straight from the hive, meaning NO harsh chemicals, peroxide or fragrances.

The beeswax used to make these blocks was extracted in a sustainable and cruelty free manner.
These beeswax blocks are made with 100%  raw beeswax that I personally clean and strain at home from recycled honeycombs. 
The honeycombs are extracted in a chemically free and non toxic manner, by an amazing company, from homes who have been targeted by wild bee swarms. I forage for them in specific locations, given to me by the company, near the California coast in nearby forest areas.
Once I have my honeycombs collected I recycle them by cleaning, melting, and rendering them down into molds. 
I repeat the cleaning process once more until the beeswax is completely clean. 
The bees are safely placed into new colonies with local beekeepers along the west coast.