little buddha
little buddha

little buddha

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These sweet sleeping little Buddhas are a perfect addition to your sacred/calming space. Light them up during meditation, or simply keep as little decorative accents.

approximate size + burn time ~  2" and 10 min

The beeswax used to make these candles was extracted in a sustainable and cruelty free manner.
These beeswax blocks are made with 100%  raw beeswax that I personally clean and strain at home from recycled honeycombs. 
The honeycombs are extracted in a chemically free and non toxic manner, by an amazing company, from homes who have been targeted by wild bee swarms. I forage for them in specific locations, given to me by the company, near the California coast in nearby forest areas.
Once I have my honeycombs collected I recycle them by cleaning, melting, and rendering them down into molds. 
I repeat the cleaning process once more until the beeswax is completely clean. 
The bees are safely placed into new colonies with local beekeepers along the west coast.