the kitchen brick
the kitchen brick
the kitchen brick

the kitchen brick

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This soap is a great low waste alternative to traditional bottled liquid dish soap. I use this soap mainly for washing our countertops and hand washing dishes but it also has simple and gentle ingredients that are completely safe for washing the body and face.

This soap is cruelty free, vegan + free of palm oil.

I love to pair my soap block with gentle wool sponges from Unearth Nature when washing my produce and wooden pot brushes from Helen Milan's shop when washing pots and pans and countertops. Both are great low waste alternative to commercial sponges and plastic brush heads!

Ingredients: saponified olive and coconut oil.

My Wild Muse soaps are plant based, low waste and made with earthy ingredients. All soaps are packaged naked, meaning they are packaged WITHOUT a plastic film wrap, they are carefully placed inside a kraft bag with my logo stamped on the front. I am proudly cruelty free.

To enjoy a longer lasting bar of soap make sure to let your soap dry out between uses. 

DISCLAIMER: This product does not claim or is intended to treat + cure any medical condition and should be used for cosmetic and cleaning purposes only.