secondhand books

I want to share great resource for buying secondhand books - Discover Books!

Its important to know that this company saves billions of preloved + used books from going to our landfills simply by collecting books from numerous communities and selling them at an affordable price (based on the books condition) to other readers.

Since discovering this website I have yet to pay full price for a book! In the past two years I’ve ordered about 30 great books and none of them over 5 bucks with FREE SHIPPING!

Before buying a book at the book store, or buying them new from a website, check out and you may find the one you’re looking at a cheaper price.

Im sure you will find a book for every hobby, every subject and for EVERY BODY.


I’ve got a coupon for your first order, have at it! –> 15% OFF!

“Read a thousand books and your words will flow like a river”


Happy reading!

-alexandra hall

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